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Jun. 9th, 2015

A lot has changed. I want to leave this up to help other people who had problems with similar things. 
I had to censor someone on this journal today. Free speech is a priority for me, and I'd never censor anyone for having an opinion I don't like . . .  but don't out the victim of a sex crime. That's not protected speech, it's hate.
This storm's gonna be fun! We're definitely going down to Morro Rock on Wed. afternoon and again on Thursday at the height of the storm.
Storms starting tomorrow forecast to drop 6-16 inches of rain over the next few days. Average annual rainfall in this area is only 15 inches!
Does anyone know if I can set ping.fm to automatically post to myspace as a blog post or facebook as a note so I get more characters? I hate filling my eljay f-list with multiple posts.
I know this is old news, but Katrina news is never old for me. http://ping.fm/byrM8 FEMA, meanwhile, has reportedly turned away Wal-Mart trucks carrying food and water to the stricken city, teams of firemen from Maryland and Texas, volunteer morticians and a convoy of 1,000 boat owners offering to help rescue stranded flood victims.
They predict 4 storms in a row without any letup dropping 6-16 inches of rain. The average annual rainfall in this area is only 15 inches!
When I was young, I thought having food allergies would mean I didn't have to eat the foods I thought were gross. Now that I am older, I realize having food allergies means never being able to eat even the tiniest amount of many of the foods I love.
Dear Universe full of Christians; I am not Christian. This is not because I see your "truth" and obstinately refuse to believe. The beliefs I have are the ones that most sensibly fit the evidence I have seen over my lifetime. I don't need the bible to tell me right from wrong. I have my own values.
My weight is down to about 118 lbs, lower than it's been since I was 13 years old. This vomiting problem needs to get better soon.