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Teenagers aren't dumb. They want medicine that works, and it doesn't take an adult to figure out cannabis is incredibly effective for "depression, stress and anxiety, . . . ADHD, physical pain, and sleeplessness." http://ping.fm/aj2a6
My computer is finally running well with her new memory! Never is dual-booting Ubuntu, and I'm looking around the new OS. My first impression is that everything is a lot more accessible, with XP I hate having to click on the start menu to do everything. M$ formatting always seemed more based on previous M$ formatting than on logic or usefulness, and so far my brain seems much more compatible with Ubuntu. Yay!
I hate how even the tiniest bit of crying means I get a guaranteed migraine.
How is it even possible for a computer to go 240+ days (on the internet all the time) with no antivirus program at all and still function, much less be virus-free?
Whenever I read things like this, http://ping.fm/uUGVs I deeply regret not getting married when I had the chance to. Will we ever get the chance again?
Dear Sen. Lieberman:
Please be more concerned about helping constituents than torturing liberals. K, thanx. When you run for office on a Medicare buy-in platform, then use your special circumstances to kill Medicare buy-in when it's proposed, people hate you, and you probably won't get elected again.

Dec. 15th, 2009

Unexpectedly evil non-profit blocking healthcare: Susan G. Komen Foundation (to cure breast cancer!) Seems they're only interested in developing cancer drugs that benefit the bottom line of drug companies!


Dec. 15th, 2009

We desperately need healthcare reform and all we are getting is meaningless bullshit. Our country needs a single-payer system, and may compromise with a public option, but anything less is just useless. I called my senators today, but couldn't get through, I'll try again 'till it works. Without healthcare, too many people die for preventable reasons.

baby rats!

Sake had 16 and is doing just fine.
Mixi needs serious help caring for her THREE. We have to help her a lot and remind her to nurse.

Mid-September, 2001 . . .

my experience was a bit different. Me and the other girls held against our will all prayed long and hard that the 9/11 disaster would somehow dismantle civilization as we knew it enough to ensure our release/escape. It's the only place I've ever seen where people regularly yearned for disaster. I was the only girl to watch the attack on the news, as my parents were visiting and took me off grounds. Everyone else was denied access to news, which was pretty standard, as we were not allowed newspapers, broadcast television, radio, internet, or real telephone calls ever. It's weird that I now know people who were personally affected by 9/11.